Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Introducing my

It's time to start something new...
Time to make since of my "Blog" name...

I'm hoping to "Blog" more about Ryan's 6 Chicks
and make it my journal.

Hope you all follow :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 1 2011

This picture was taken right before we left for my OB appointment.
This appointment was the start of my weekly visits and when I get "checked" to see if I've dilated. We couldn't wait because I've been having contractions for weeks and the night before, Halloween, and all the walking we did I knew I had to have dilated to at least a 1 or 2.
Doctor comes in, checks, and says you're a 3!!
And I just strip the membranes!!!
He said you'll have some spotting which is normal and make an appointment 1 week but I'll probably see you before then!
When he left the room, I looked at Ryan and said, "You ready for this cause it's going to happen SOON"
So we had a lot to do! Grocery shop, get the last things ready for Rylee, and figure out what to do with the girls when we go in! We went to Target, ran home to pick up the girls from the bus (min day so they got out at 11:30am) Costco, home, then I sent Ryan out to wash the car, go to Winco, pay rent and picked up some Yummy Salsa from his moms!
While he was out, I did laundry, homework with the girls, cleaned house, made dinner, more cleaning and laundry! Later that night I laid down and started having contractions. I was hoping I could get one more good night sleep but they started getting closer. So Ryan called his sister Erin and she came over to watch the girls while we headed to the hospital.
Checked in at 11:30pm.
Found out I was a 4-5 so they admitted me
2:30am got an epidural (LOVE THE EPIDURAL MAN!!!)
5am started Patosin
7am Nurse change, new nurse checked me and I was 6. She called my doctor (who was going to head to Delano to his office) and asked what does he want us to do. He said he'll come in and break my water and we'll see what will happen.
7:30am, I'm feeling pressure. Nurse checks me again and I'm an 8-9 and tells me not to push!
Called the Doctor and said HURRY!
Sat and waited....
8:30am doctor arrives, breaks my water 4 pushes and Rylee is here!!
Rylee Anne Kirby
November 2 2011
6lb.6ounces 20 1/2inches
(she was born at 8:35am!)
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Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween we walked around Tiffiny's neighborhood.
The girls had SO much fun and received TONS of candy!!
Leah had a Blast! She knew the drill,
Trick or Treat...Thank You!
Natalie was a little unsure at first but warmed up when she noticed how much
candy she was getting.
I really enjoyed Halloween this year!
(which is a first!)
Next Year we're going to start a tradition and we're going to start doing
a Theme! So I have 1 year to think what us Kirby's will be!
Can't wait
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Once Emma got to the car she was telling me she has to wear make-up one day next week.
She said her teacher sent home a paper telling moms that the kids have to wear make-up. So looking at her papers from her backpack I didn't see any paper that said she needed to
wear make-up.
She ran over and showed me a paper that has important dates to remember.
There is a MAKE-UP PICTURE DAY next Friday and she said
"See I have to wear make-up"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

3rd Times a Charm....

This is the 3rd time Alison has had her ears pierced. The first time
was when she was an infant and they got infected.
The second time we had the same problem
and she complained they hurt all the time.
Earlier this month she said she wants to get earrings.
Ryan told her to write it on the calendar when she wants to get them pierced.
She wrote on the 27th
"Alison gets earrings"
Until yesterday...She said I want earrings today!
So I told her after school when daddy gets home we'll go.
Ryan had a couple hours OT and Alison was going crazy cause she had to wait!
Once Ryan got home she was ready to go!
She cried a little but right after she looked in the mirror and said
"I have earrings!"
She has been really good on cleaning them and turning the earrings.
So I'm hoping 3rd times a Charm!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

This morning I told the girls there were pants in the dryer. A couple minutes later Alison came into my room almost crying saying "The pants shrunk!"
holding up Leah's pants!

Kids are the FUNNIEST!!!